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The hot rolling production line of Japan Steel adopts Siemens first-level electronic control and Siemens second-level neural network, ranking the top among similar domestic steel enterprises.

  • Ship Building Plate

    The ship building plates of Rizhao Steel have been approved by the classification societies of nine countries

  • Carbon Structural Steel

    Main grades for domestic market: Q195、Q215B、Q235B, and for international market:: S235JR、SS400、A36、S275JR、S275J0、SS490、SPHT1、SPHT2、SPHC、SPHD、SPHE. The product is widely used in welded pipe, steel structure, shelf, hardware, machinery, vehicles and other industries. Size range: (1.5-25.4)*(940-2000)mm.

  • Low Alloy High Strength Structural Steel

    Main grades for domestic market: Q355B、Q390B、Q420MB, and for international market: S355JR、A572Gr50Ti. With excellent comprehensive performance, good low-temperature performance, perfect cold stamping performance, and outstanding welding and mechanical performance, low alloy high strength steel are widely used in steel structure, shelf, hardware, machinery, vehicles and other industries.. Size range: (2-22)*(1010-2000)mm

  • Checkered Coil

    Checkered coil is widely used in construction, shipbuilding, transportation, machinery manufacturing and other industries because of its anti-slip, wear-resistant function and easy cleaning, steel saving characteristics. The product size covers a wide range: thickness 1.1-16mm, width 1010-2000mm.

  • Weather Resistant Steel

    The main steel grade includes Q235NH、Q355NH、Q550NH、SPA-H、Q345NQR2.The main advantage of weather resistant steel products lie in high accuracy in sizes, stability in plate shape, premium performance in molding and excellent performance in welding. Products are widely used in manufacturing all kinds of containers, including dry cargo box, refrigerated box, marine box, box board room, equipment box, explosion-proof box, storage box, etc. These products impose high requirements for corrosion resistance, welding performance and molding performance. Some containers for special use impose requirements for low impact performance in low temperature. Gauge cover (1.5-20)*(1010-1700)mm.

  • Pipeline Steel

    With advantages in perfect thickness tolerance control, good flatness and excellent performance, pipeline steel products are mainly used in oil pipelines, gas pipelines, heat pipelines, water pipelines, steel pipe piles, oil casing and other pipeline industries. In the process of using pipeline steel, not only high corrosion resistance, but also high cryogenic impact toughness and excellent welding performance are required. Rizhao Steel could supply pipeline grades such as L245(B) / L290(X42) / L320(X46) / L360(X52) / L390(X56) / L415(X60) / L450(X65) / L485(X70) and so on, and size range (4-20) *(1010-2000), which could meet customer's individual requirement for engineering steel.

  • High Quality Carbon Steel

    The main steel grade includes 20#、30#、40#.High quality carbon structure steel refers to the carbon steel with carbon component less than 0.8%. The component of sulfur, phosphorus and nonmetallic materials of this kind of steel with excellent mechanics performance is less than that of carbon structure steel. After cold rolling, it can be widely used in chains, measuring tools, cutting tools, safety belt buckle, saw blade, hardware products, etc. Gauge cover(2-12)*(1010-2000)mm

  • Auto steel

    The main steel grade includes SAPH370、SAPH400、SAPH440、QStE340TM、QStE420TM、330CL、380CL、510L、610L. Now automobile steel products refer to Automobile wheel steel, automobile girder steel, automobile structure steel, etc. It has the advantage of high strength, flexibility and plasticity,high fatigue resistance, wear resistance, and hot cracking resistance. Gauge covers(2.5-14)*(1010-2000)mm

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